10 things you didn’t know about publishing books

10 things you didn’t know about publishing books

10 things you didn’t know about publishing books

Writing a book is extremely hard. Everyone knows that, but no one anticipates that after having completed the hard part, more of those wait for you. You might be aware that you need an agent, an editor and a book cover, but there is a lot more that comes into the play and here are some things that you did not know about publishing.

Publishing takes a really long time

It might sound surprising but signing a deal with a publishing house does not automatically mean that your book will be out in the shops any time soon. Usually publishing takes a really long time, sometimes even a couple of years. Once your book is written and sent out to the agents it will take a few months for you to get a response from them.

There is never enough editing

It does not matter how brilliant of a writer you are, there simply is never enough editing done on your book. And trust us, editing is essential to have a good final product that people will want to read. Sometimes you might even need to change whole chapters of your book.

You will not be able to choose your own book cover

Usually, if you have signed a deal with a publishing house, it is possible that you will not be able to choose your own cover design for the book. That is because in the publishing house there is a whole team of people responsible for cover art and usually they do a great job.

The book title is not in your hands

It might not be up to you even to decide the title of your book. Usually the title is a combination of suggestions from your editor and the publishers. Don’t get offended, they know what they are doing.

Your book will not turn you into a millionaire

If you are extremely lucky or have an immense talent, then maybe you will make enough money from your book to quit your day job. However, usually no one get into the writing business to get rich. It’s all about expressing yourself in a right and satisfying way and that is what should matter for you most too.

Your book will not make you famous

Only the most renowned authors get to go on book tours. That is only possible for you if your book is a big success. If the only reason why you write is to become famous, you might need to reconsider the ways how you spend your time.

You will forget the plot of your book

Since the whole timeline of writing and publishing a book is often so long and complicated, it is often possible that you will forget the details of the book. But do not worry, it happens to all book authors out there with all the countless edits you must do.

Your book will get you attention

Once your book is out there be ready that people will recognize you and your work. Your family and friends will talk about you and so will strangers leaving you book reviews online. You might even get to do some interviews!

Criticism is harsh

But with recognition comes not the most pleasant parts of being a published author too. Be ready that some people will not enjoy your book at all. That is simply part of one’s work as an author. It is okay to be criticised as it is a way to improve yourself and there is no need to feel sad over a few bad reviews.

You will be the same person

Having written and published a book will not change you as a person. It will be amazing and exciting, but you will still enjoy the same meals and hate jogging. If anything, you will only be more motivated to get started on your next book.

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