Best publishing tips for new writers

Best publishing tips for new writers

Best publishing tips for new writers

If you are a new writer then you must be familiar with the exciting rush of brainstorming for ideas, creating your rough draft and editing it until you finally have created the perfect manuscript. But what now? As daunting as it is, the next step is publishing. It is expensive, complicated and requires time and patience. Here are some of the most essential publishing tips for new writers that will make it easier for you to step into the marketing world.

Write as much as you can before you publish your first book

If you are a brand-new author and you do not have an audience yet, then you might want to consider creating a series of books. Granting that your first published book will be a success, you will be able to build yourself an audience of people who will want to see more of your work. You can do that by creating a great story with exciting character. Something that people could understand and have interest in, so that they would feel the need to follow the stories of the characters they love. It is often the case that when a writer published a stand-alone story it is often less successful and also more complicated to market for the publishing house.

Start a mailing list

If you have completed a series of books and have already found an audience that likes both you and your work, then you must learn how to reach them. It is extremely important. That is why any good publishing house will make it aware for you that you need to have a mailing list. It is a must task because otherwise it will be up to your own devices to find out who has bought your books. When you have a mailing list you will be able to reach your fans and let them know that your second book is on its way. That way you will save money on marketing and your publishing expenses will not be as big, while you will already have guaranteed sales for your second book. Just imagine, even if only a 100-people bought your first book and you emailed them about your second, you would already have more chances of success! However, there is a trick – people will not join your mailing list if you do not have anything to give them. Everyone loves free stuff, so get ready to prepare some free e-books or novellas to send to your followers. See this move as an investment, something that will make your fans hungry for more which will lead to definite sales when your new works becomes published. Not to mention, it is simply polite to take care of your fans and not assume them for granted.

Take care of all your fans!

It might sound like common sense, but taking care of your fans is essential if you want your newly published book to become a success. Your fans are people that support you and like your work, if they write you an email it means that they are willing to follow your work. It means that they talk about your book with their friends and offer free marketing which saves you a lot of money. Hence when any of your fans reach out to you, it is a must that you reply to them and show them that you care. It might take a lot of time if you get a lot of mail, but it is worth it. What is more, it is inspirational and often leads to new ideas concerning your work. Furthermore, communication with fans offers free research as they will be willing to discuss your stories with you and make you aware of what makes sense and what does not. Without your fans, your work is nothing. Keep that in mind.

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