Print Book Formatting & Publishing with Amazon Kindle

Print Book Formatting & Publishing with Amazon Kindle

Print Book Formatting & Publishing with Amazon Kindle

Kindle Direct Publishing used to be all about publishing a digital version of your book. But now there is a method for publishing print books right from Amazon Kindle. Kindle’s paperback publishing has nearly the same royalty structure as Kindle digital and it is as easy and convenient to do as the digital publishing itself. However, formatting is a little different when it comes to print book publication. Let’s take a look at the steps that you need to follow in order to format and promote your print book with Amazon Kindle.

Divide Your Book into Chapters and Subchapters

First, you want to divide your book up into chapters and subchapters. When you are formatting for print, you do not have to add the page breaks although they can be useful and make things easier. The main thing is to ensure that your chapter headings look the same and that your subchapters have consistent breaks between them; either blank spaces or three dots or whatever symbol you want to use.

Add Header and Footer Information

If you look at any print book, you are going to notice that there are two consistent things on every page – the page number and either the author name or the title of the book. The page number generally goes to the bottom, although this is not always the case, while the author name and the title of the book alternate at the top of every page. Getting these to alternate as part of a header is a little complicated but it can be done, and the same goes for getting the page numbers to count automatically at the bottom in the footer.

Add Front & Back Matter

Front and back matter are the materials that are at the front of the book before the first chapter begins and at the back of the book after the last chapter ends. Usually, the front matter includes things like the title page, a few blank pages, the copyright page, a forward or introduction, and possibly a dedication page. Note that these are different when it comes to publishing with Kindle digital. You can still set them up, but the formatting is different. The back matter can be whatever you like, but it should include an invitation to review the book on Amazon and a promotion about your other books that are available.

Upload Your Book & Cover and Then Publish

Finally, you’ll upload your book as well as the cover for your book and then publish it. Unlike publishing with Kindle, it can be difficult to know exactly what your book is going to look like in print format because there isn’t yet a previewer. The Kindle print on demand for paperback publications is in beta stage right now. What you may want to do is by one of your books and paperback and see what it looks like when it arrives. That way you can make any changes that are necessary before your sales boom.

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