A List of Literary Journals for Science Fiction

A List of Literary Journals for Science Fiction

Literary Journals for Science Fiction

Science fiction is one of the most popular genres out there: Readers love it, and writers love writing it. But it can be a challenge to find markets that are willing to publish your work. Here are some of the best suggestions for literary journals if you’re looking for new places to submit your sci-fi fiction.

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Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine


Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine is one of the most well-known science fiction literary journals out there, and they accept flash fiction, short stories and novellas that are rooted in the science fiction genre – they also accept fitting cross-over fiction.

Sci-Fi Now


Sci-Fi Now is one of the largest science-fiction magazines in the UK, and they welcome submissions from authors from all over the world; any stories with a science-fiction theme are welcome, and they’re open-minded on length.

Visions Magazine


Visions Magazine is a literary journal that focuses on a mixture of classic science-fiction and work by new and modern authors. They are published bi-annually, and welcome shorter fiction, fiction and longer work, too.

LIghtspeed Magazine


Lightspeed Magazine is a literary magazine that focuses on science-fiction, though they will consider genre crossovers that fit with an overall science-fiction theme.

Locus Magazine


Locus Magazine might be one of the newer literary magazines on this list, but they are looking for excellent stories with an overall science fiction theme – they accept poetry and shorter fiction too.

Phantaxis Magazine


Phantaxis is a literary magazine that’s looking to publish science fiction and fantasy stories from new and established authors; they aren’t too picky about length, and they’re published quarterly.



Clakesworld Magazine is one of the largest literary magazines in the science-fiction genre, and one that’s worth submitting to if you want your work to be read by thousands. Read their guidelines thoroughly before you submit your work.

Analog SF


Analog Science Fiction is a literary journal that focuses on the best in science fiction, and if you think that your work could make the cut then have a read-through of their guidelines and submit your work to be read.

Strange Horizons


Strange Horizons Magazine is a literary journal that focuses on the publication of science-fiction and horror short stories: They are based in Canada, but accept submissions from authors all over the world.

Aphelion: Webzine of Science Fiction


Aphelion is a webzine and literary journal dedicated to the best of science fiction; they’re not too fussy on guidelines, and put the emphasis on a good story instead.

Uprising Review Magazine


Uprising Review Magazine publishes examples of great science-fiction, fantasy and horror fiction – with more of an emphasis on science fiction.

Helios Magazine


Helios Magazine is a quarterly literary journal that publishes good fiction: This can cross-over with science fiction, but they publish a wide range of genres too – and they also publish reviews of good science-fiction if that’s your thing.


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