Best books to boost your productivity

Best books to boost your productivity

Productivity is what every writer hopes to achieve when making an effort to create content.

During the content creation or book publishing, one is looking forward to being the best and having the best book to increase creativity.

The books below will help you achieve productivity:

# 1 Getting things done: How to obtain stress-free productivity, by David Allen

This book is like the contemporary Bible of book that increases productivity and is recommended by many. Allen has a simple principle “our productivity is equal to the ability to relax.

# 2 Stephen Covey`s The seven habits of highly efficient people

Everyone uses this book to establish their lives since it offers a way of having things done and a procedure for life and work.

It is an essential book to read if you are looking forward to being more productive.

# 3 Michael Gelb`s Think like da Vinci: 7 easy steps to boosting our everyday genius

This book has quite a bit for everyone from commenting on da Vinci to excellent exercises to enhance productivity.

It is not only on da Vinci and how he used to think it also has information that is valuable. It will as well give you ways to see the world and think differently.

# 4 Charles Duhigg`s the power of habit: why we do what we do in life and business.

This book comes with an exciting look at what behaviors are how we create them and how to change them.

The second and third chapters are the strongest and have the details most people are looking for: how to transform your behaviors.

This book is typical and has examples of how people succeeded by merely changing their habits.

# 5 Brian Tracy`s Eat that frog

This book encourages the reader to avoid procrastinating and just get things done. The book comes with 21 tips that the author himself uses to come up with his exceptional success.

The book is straightforward to read, and the tips are very manageable.

Books on increasing productivity are many, but the above is most recommended.