How to Self-Publish a Book

How to Self-Publish a Book

Self Publishing BooksMany people like to write books and share what their thoughts. This guide is for people who want to self publish their books. By publishing, you will get money depending upon how many books sell.

So by self publishing, you will get money for what you love to do. By sales, you will get to know how people like your ideas and knowledge.

There are many ways by which you can publish your books easily. It also depends on the platform on which you are putting your book.

E.g. If you want to just put your book on Amazon and you don’t care about professional copyediting or a large scale marketing campaign then you are good to go.

Amazon has excellent step-by-step instructions. You can earn some money too.

Now let’s come to real self-publishing methods: three basic methods are given below.

  • DIY: You here play a significant role. You do from copyediting to formatting. You can hire another person for developmental editing, but the majority of work is up to you.
  • Assisted: Here, you hire a team of editors/ designers/ publicists/etc, to get the jobs done for which you lack the required skills. It’s completely up to you where you get this team from.
  • Hybrid: Here you hire a self publishing company to take on the complete “publisher” role.

The Typical self-publishing path

  1. Write one or two books. Hire freelancers at Reedsy to improve the quality of your work.
  2. Build your team
  3. Start marketing for your books
  4. Plan your launch
  5. Publish your book
  6. Continue publishing your books.


No matter what method you choose, you are going to spend few thousand bucks into the publication process.

The main thing is to make your decision depending on your skills and then begin.

Always remember that by doing something new, you learn a new thing and that is life all about.

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