Useful online tools to help you write better

Useful online tools to help you write better

Anyone can write – but not everyone can maintain a quality writing that offers valuable insights and advice to a loyal audience. However, being a good writer takes time, a lot of effort, training and patience. Not everyone is a natural writer, but thanks to a lot of online tools available, everyone can become a better writer and improve their skills. Here are some of our favourite tools that we advise to any starting out writers out there.

Hemingway App

Hemingway App is an amazing online tool that every writer should use. It is your own personal editor that you can use any time that you want! It not only evaluates your work and takes care of the overly complicated sentences that you often tend to make. What is more, it takes notice of your most common errors thus making you more aware of them. The more often you use the Hemingway App the less often you will overuse adverbs!

750 Words

Sometimes writing is not as enjoyable, but of course that depends on the topics that you need to work on. If you find yourself working on a bunch of articles that are not so enjoyable, then you should try the tool known as 750 Words. It is a tool that turns writing into a game as you will receive points with every writing goal you reach. It is a fun way to stay motivated and keep your work flowing.

Written Kitten

Written Kitten is another tool that helps to turn writing into a game which is not only extremely motivational but also fun! The game is based on an amusing idea that everyone loves kittens (which is totally true, right?) When you, as a writer, reach a personal goal, you will receive a little encouragement to keep you going in a form of an adorable picture of a kitten. It is a cute idea for a helpful writing tool and it is beloved by many people who need some help when it comes to motivation and discipline training.

Synchro Edit

Synchro Edit is a way to write and share your writing with other people, mainly writers as well. This big platform of group editing allows you to get insight on your work and even invite a few people to work on your document at once – leaving you side notes, comments and little review. It is great way to improve your writing fast and effortlessly.